John Goodrich


Recent Paintings:
Descending Light

Bowery Gallery

JAN 28-FEB 22, 2020
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                      LONG TABLE   2009  oil/board  16"x12" PITCHER, WOOD BOX AND APPLES   2001-09  oil/board  11"x12½" ROLL OF PAPER TOWELS   2009  oil/board  16"x12" AT THE SUMMIT   2009-10  oil/board  22"x53½" IN THE STUDIO   2010   oil/board  25"x48" FIGURE WITH PURPLE DRAPE   2006   oil/board   14½"x11½" FIGURE STUDY 27   2009-10  oil/canvas  22"x22" CHARLES 2   2009  oil/board  16"x12" SANDY BEACH   2009  oil/board  11"x14" MAGAZINE READER   2001-10  oil/canvas  22"x29" CERAMIC BASKET AND TOWEL   2009  oil/board  12"x16" RED TABLE   2009   oil/board  11"x14" CHARLES 1   2009  oil/board  16"x13"