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This is a "virtual installation" of work exhibited
at Bowery Gallery, NYC, Jan 30-Feb 24, 2007.
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CERAMIC BASKET, JAR AND BOTTLE   2007   OIL/BOARD   16"X20" CERAMIC BASKET WITH MATISSE/PICASSO   2004 oil/board 18"x14" TULIP VASE, BASKET AND BOXES   2006   oil/board   12" x 13¼" RECLINING FIGURE WITH SLIPPERS   2003-06  oil/board   18"x24" BATHERS   2006-07   oil/canvas   28¼"x32¾"   RECLINING FIGURE WITH SLIPPERS #3   2007   oil/board   18"x24" MODEL WITH HEATER   2002   oil/board   14"x17" MODEL WITH WHITE DRAPE   2006   watercolor   15"x11¼" MODEL WITH RED FABRIC   2003-06   oil/board   17½"x12" HUDSON RIVER, HASTINGS   2006   oil/board   10¾"x13" McCARREN PARK   2003-06   oil/board   14½"x18" RIVERSIDE PARK   1997-2007   oil/board   14"x11" JETTY   2006-07   oil/board   16"x20" WHITE HOUSE   2006-07   oil/board   11"x14" ORANGES, BASKET AND BACH   2005   watercolor   8½"x9" STILL LIFE WITH VASE AND FRUIT   2002   watercolor   16"x14½" TULIP VASE, CERAMIC BASKET AND ORANGES   2004   watercolor   14¼"x10" TABLETOP WITH VASE AND PLUMS    2004    watercolor    10½"x11" VASE AND CERAMIC BASKET   2002   oil/canvas   20"x16" CERAMIC BASKET WITH FRUIT #2   2000   oil/board   14¾"x19" CERAMIC BASKET WITH FRUIT #3   2000   oil/board   16½"x22" PLUMS, PEACH AND CHINESE BOWL   2005   watercolor   7"x11½" PLUMS AND PEACH   2005   watercolor   8"x10" POMEGRANATE AND TUMBLER   2005  POMEGRANATE AND TUMBLER   2005   oil/board   10"x11½" POMEGRANATE AND APPLES   2006   oil/board   11½"x12" VASE, JUG, APPLES AND ORANGES   2001-07   oil/board   20"x17½" VASE AND RADIATOR   2006-07   oil/board   16"x12" COUPLE ON A STREET   2006   oil/board   9"x14" RECLINING FIGURE IN STREET   2005-06   oil/board   7½"x14"